Monday, March 15, 2010

Come shop with me...........! I know this blog is supposed to be about beauty, but you can get beauty-esque things from this website. Check it out! I am in love because it has "deals of the day" where you can buy a discounted price item/service..........I just bought a hot herbal foot treatment, an hour long aromatherapy massage, and facial massage treatment for only $69 (normally $150)!! I CANNOT WAIT to use it! Some of the other deals include:

$49 microderm (usually $215)

$24 for Bikram Yoga session (usually $130)

$29 membership to an art museum (usually $75)

$80 Complete Spa Package, Including Mani-Pedi, Massage, Facial, Shampoo, Styling, and Blow-Dry from The Day Spa at Folawn's (usually $180, and I would have totally gotten this if it had been available!!)

This is my newest love--please to enjoy. ;)

For my Houston friends, y'all aren't on this site yet, but if enough people sign up in a certain city, they will add locations!

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