Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have a couple of products that I always say changed my life, and I wanted to share them here. My friends will laugh at me because I talk about these ALL the time, and many of those same friends have been forced (by me) to use them. If you've met me, I've probably already told you about these items, but here goes:

1. Laura Mercier Black Ebony Cake Liner: When I worked at the makeup counter, every single person that I did makeup on learned that this was life changing eyeliner, and that I never left the house without this on, and neither should they. If you are looking for that "perfect liner" that doesn't smudge, here's your go to product. It goes on along the UNDERside of your lash line creating thicker, fuller looking lashes with no spaces between them--love! This product can be purchased in Neimans, Nordstom, Saks, Sephora, or online at:
I advise going to one of the first three recommended locations because there should be a makeup artist there who can teach you how to put this on--it can be tricky at first!

2. Stila Hair Refreshing Powder: So sorry if this is TMI, but I only wash my hair about once a week. This is probably due to the fact that I'm either a) lazy, or b) still recovering from a shoulder injury in college (ha!), but I really HATE washing my hair (which does get oily after only one day) every single day of my life. I was tethered to daily shampooing, conditioning, drying, and a straight ironing/curling iron for 24 long years, so to be free of that is AMAZING. This product not only absorbs oil and creates a clean looking canvas, it also adds volume to hair, gives it a lovely fragrance, and saves my poor shoulder from having to hold a hairdryer up for waaaaay too long. I advise using this along with a boars hair bristle brush (to brush your natural oils through the hair before using the powder) for maximum results. When you purchase this product, you are on your way to freedom! *Warning: do not allow boyfriends to watch you doing will cause them great confusion........and husbands should be slowly integrated into this process!* The only place that I know of where you can purchase this product is online at:

3. Latisse: If you wear mascara, you should also be using Latisse. This is the most amazing lash growth product I have ever used that truly works like it says it does! I actually had to change mascaras because my lashes grew so long and thick that the mascara I was using looked too crazy clumpy. I had TWO roommates in college that had lashes that everyone on campus was envious of, and I always imagined what I would do with my life if only I had lashes like those girls. Now I no longer have to dream because my lashes are competing with the best.........they are beautiful! I also use this on my eyebrows to fill in the spaces where I used to get overexcited with my tweezers. Take a look at the website for awesome before and afters:

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