Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Faking a Flutter

Think of full lashes as the little black dress of the cosmetic world: always in style. This post is for those of you who aren't quite ready to make the Latisse commitment, but still want big, bold lashes. Not only are thick lashes flirty, they can also make your face appear slimmer. The bigger and wider your eyes appear, the slimmer the rest of your face will look. The key to false lashes is learning how to properly apply them so you don't look crazy lash lopsided or like your lashes are about to fall off.

How To Properly Apply Fake Lashes

1. Select your lashes. If you’re looking for a dramatic look, then go for the full set. If you’re going for the glamour look, then try little clusters of fake lashes on the outside corners of your eyes for more of a "cat eye", or put them in the center for a wide eyed, innocent effect.

2. Select the color. You can choose dark for evening and go lighter during the day for a more natural look, although personally, I wear black mascara no matter what time of day it is, so I would go with black falsies always.

3. Don't overdo the length if you want them to look more realistic. Full lashes should follow the natural lining of your own eyelashes. Trim them with hair scissors to acquire the proper fitting, but trim at an angle to prevent lashes from having a "fresh haircut" appearance. For a more natural look, the false eyelashes should be only slightly longer than your natural lashes. If you want drama, go big or go home! Pick the craziest, longest, darkest lashes you can find and have fun with it!

4. Trim lash width to make sure they suit your eye size. If you're using a full set, keep the width of the set the length that it would take to cover from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner. Cutting it too wide may cause irritation when you blink. Always trim your false lashes before you apply glue!

5. Full Set Application: Before or after putting on eye makeup (there are two schools of thought on this, but I always apply after makeup b/c that helps me determine the type/size/length of lashes I want to use), apply a very thin line of adhesive along the base of the false lashes. Allow it to sit for thirty seconds to let the glue work. Apply the false lashes above your natural lashes, keeping them as close to your lash line as possible (giving it the natural curve). Use a mirror. Make any minor adjustments with your fingertips or tweezers, and then allow to set.

Individual Lash Application: Place individual lashes using tweezers as it is difficult to secure individual lashes with your fingers. Apply glue to a small piece of foil. Secure lashes with tweezers and dip the base slightly into the glue. Give it thirty seconds for the glue to set. Then apply to the base of your lash line.

6. Apply an extra coat of eyeliner along the top of the lashes after application will make your fake lashes look more natural.

Extra Tips and Tricks:

1. After use, soak the fake eyelashes in eyelash-cleaning solution so that you can reuse them.

2. Never pull the lashes from your lids! (ouch!!)

3. Never apply glue directly to your eyelids.

4. If after reading this you've decided that fake eyelashes are too much work for you, try using a heated eyelash curler; no glue needed. A touch of heat will curl your lashes and make them appear longer and fuller (especially with a coat of mascara). And use Latisse! That is the easiest b/c then you can just grow your own lashes longer, thicker, and darker.

Good luck, and as always, let me know if you have any questions!

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