Airbrush Makeup Information

Airbrush makeup is a cosmetic industry breakthrough that is amazing more and more people on a daily basis. You might have recently seen airbrush techniques featured on television shows such as Regis and Kelly, Rachael Ray, and The View, as well as on many local TV stations. Airbrush makeup has the ability to minimize imperfections while still giving a radiant natural look to the skin. It offers fantastic coverage that can not be achieved with conventional makeup techniques, yet it still allows your natural skin tones to shine through. It is twice as fast as applying makeup the old fashioned way, and it can last for more than 16 hours.

Airbrush Makeup has been used for over 10 years by leading motion picture and television makeup artists. It is now especially popular because it is the only makeup that can be used for HDTV, and it is now it is available to you! If you are considering having your makeup done for an upcoming event or special occasion, do not hesitate to go with the only makeup that will last all day and all night.

Your makeup artist Lacey controls the direction of the airbrush with her fingertips, and as the air flows through the airbrush, a gentle mist of tiny color dots cover your skin. The pressure of the air is as light as blowing out a candle, and most clients say that it feels wonderful and incredibly relaxing. The airbrush makeup is so natural looking that it can be easily sprayed on arms, legs and hands without looking or feeling heavy like traditional makeup. It does not rub off or transfer, and does not clog pores. The makeup is hypoallergenic and alcohol free and it is not tested on animals.

Clients often are amazed at the look of their skin after being airbrushed, and some even cry from the joy of having a painful scar or unwanted birthmark completely covered while still looking unbelievably natural. Airbrush makeup can be lightly layered to cover freckles, acne scars, fine lines, spider veins, and age spots, and can even cover things like tattoos and skin conditions such as vitilago, port wine stains, birthmarks, and burns. Imperfections vanish with use of the airbrush makeup as the woman’s natural beauty radiates though for all to see!